FP Bois has been advocating on behalf of the environment for more than 20 years. We use only solid wood harvested from sustainably managed forest to ensure that our industry coexists in harmony with the natural balance of the Bordeaux ecosystem.

Our production engineers spend as much of their time focusing on affluent as they do quality end product. We work hard to eliminate contaminants in the air and in our products. Our finishing line is designed to keep the use of solvents a minimal level, filtered and recycled in a closed system. All waste is treated and disposed of responsibly according to EU regulations.

Water based Urethane vs. Polyurethane:

For our hardwood flooring we have chosen to us a Water-Based Urethane finishwhich gives our finished product superior quality and prevents the introduction of indirect or hidden pollutants to the homes of our customers. The water based urethane that we use for hardwood flooring is particularly adapted to the brightness of pine. The flexibility of Water Based Urethane finish allows us to perfectly match the look of an oil finish, while maintaining a finish smooth to the touch and easy to maintain.

Considered a green product, our finish contains no aluminum oxide or formaldehyde and is free of VOC’s. Consistent with our sustainable harvesting and our environment conscious production, our finishes provide a very unique balance of performance, innovation, and ecological advantages.

On the contrary, the Petroleum Based Polyurethane finishes used by most manufacturers in North America and Asia contain aluminum oxide which has been shown to be a carcinogen. Additionally, polyurethane is a petrochemical resin which contains isocyanates, known to be a respiratory toxin and has been linked to asthma. Finally, use of Polyurethane finishes has been banned for production in some countries due to the noxious gasses given off during processing and curing.