FP Bois’ manufacturing site is located in the forests of southeastern France, in the village of Mimizan near Bordeaux.

Napoleon III and the Forest of Bordeaux:

The Bordeaux forest is an Imperial forest surrounded by Bordeaux vineyard, castles, wild dunes and Atlantic Ocean.
Originally, the region around Bordeaux was covered with sandy marshes and swamps which brought disease and made the land prone to determination and erosion. In 1857 the French Emperor Napoleon III initiated a reforestation project in the region and compelled each private land owner to plant Maritime Pine also known as « Bordeaux Pine » on their land in an effort to make the soil more healthy and the land more inhabitable.
This forest have been maintained and sustainably managed by companies like FP Bois and private land owners who are our partners. The wood industry in the Bordeaux region is today the second biggest industry after the Vine industry.

FP Bois and the Bordeaux Heart Pine:

FP Bois is a vertically integrated manufacturer, we source only locally grown pine and all of our production is done in Mimizan, never outsourced! We select each of the Bordeaux Heart Pines to be used in our hardwood flooring products with intention. Our experts draw on generations of experience and knowledge to select pines optimal for producing the finest quality for our clients. Our experts choose trees one at a time after they have aged for more than a half a century to the grown to the optimal diameter for efficient production and a constant finished product.