The breath of finishes and styles that FP Bois offers is as wide as your imagination, and we challenge our marketers, engineers and designer to bring innovative new products to market. Among the most durable of European wood, Bordeaux Pine is particularly well suited to flooring, and prized for its unique structural characteristics. FP Bois has been a welcomed edition to the world market for fine hardwood flooring. We are very proud and excited become a part of the diversity of the North American market.

Our style: Unique French vintage hardwood flooring. The pine that we offer our clients is the same type of flooring that is installed in the French Vineyard castles around Bordeaux.

We are offering our Collection Prestige, exclusively in the North American market. Within this collection is a wide range of finishes and textures in perfect harmony with the natural beauty of our Bordeaux Pine wood.

 The organic composition of Bordeaux Pine lends itself perfectly to an “aged” looking finish, highlighting the grain, resin pockets, heartwood and naturally occurring knots that are all distinctive features of real wood.

Now, « aged » doesn’t necessarily mean traditional and it certainly doesn’t mean conventional, we honor the way hardwood flooring ages by recreating it for our clients. With multiple plank sizes and a broad color palette, our designers have anticipated all of the styles you may choose.

Whether the look you desire is pure and clean or rustic and vintage, Bordeaux Pine will achieve your desired effect.

Characteristics of our wood selection: Bordeaux Pine or Pinus Pinaster is an indigenous species with very rustic characteristics: knots, grain and color variation from red to yellow.
Janka rate: 715
Dimensional Characteristics: The Bordeaux Pine is a naturally stable specie. To compare to the most popular species in the US like European, the Bordeaux would perform better since it is 15% more stable than the oak.

Volumetric shrinkage of Bordeaux Pine: 13.5%
Volumetric shrinkage of European Oak: 15.3%

We offer a wide range of stains and mixed colors which add visual depth and texture to any decor. Highly decorative, it can be used on other surfaces such as walls, doors or as headboard for a bed.

Plain color Antique flooring: each plank is distinctive in the random aging and distress features of the wood. The wood stain contrasts perfectly with the natural color of the Bordeaux Pine, highlighting grain variation of each board.

Vintage French Bleeding flooring: even more obvious distressing in each plank, we are adding a second black randomly sanded stain to the wood providing a smoky vintage look to the floor. The result high relief, heightened by dark striations for an aged multifaceted result.

Wire Brushed flooring: a soft wire brush gently removes some softwood before a stain is applied to the Bordeaux Pine. The wood grain is accentuated resulting in a warm, naturally worn look. When stain is added is soft shading with texture.