Pure home

The new generation of varnishing

Nowadays, that is really important, now than ever, to feel safe at home. Far from all these viruses that ruin our quotidian.


But how ? How to protect our home from all of these impurities ?


Viruses hang on skin, on clothes and we give them a free ticket to comtaminate our interior. Did you know that 80% of viruses are transmitted through the hands to all surfaces and in ambient air.


How protect our home from this ?

To help adress this issue FP Bois has created and patended « Pure Home » : a new generation of varnishing that continuously purifies your home. That’s a virus (coronavirus) and bacterias killer.

Has been tested in an independent laboratory with ISO 81702 certification and ISO 82196.

The principle is simple : the finition kills the viruses and bacterias to all surfaces. Absorbs also formaldehyde

Once PureHome is installed, it needs no servicing to maintain the ability of killing viruses and bacterias.

But we developed a Pure Home polish to maintain, if needed, safely your wood flooring.

*We are currently testing Pure Home to know if it kills strain of Coronavirus family.

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